A Shooting Star

A serendipitous tale once transpired

A lone wolf surrounded by extreme coldness;

A bright shooting star eventually chanced upon.


Charred the ice was

When hands held tight

A sudden gush flowed through their eyes


‘T’was an unremarkable picture

Of a mysterious wish

Agreed to be with one another


“Truly glad I am, to finally meet someone,

So tender and kind, cool in the midst of gloom,

Life’s stiffness unbent by a feathery stroke.”


The once lone wolf answered in a blush,

“Though thine fire was brought to soothe

Mine’s bitterness and angst.”


Yet, the light the star emanates

Didn’t promise a constant state

Of compassion and hopeful fate.


Though the light shines,

The fire engulfs without gaps

Charred not only the ice but the radiance.


How such lovely scene turned into dust?

The two hands break, they must

Memories – good and bad – created ash.


An inconsolable grief thrashed the night

Full of supposed warmth

From two people breathing almost as one.


What if the only way

to forgive such past

Is to get even with the one who passed?


Butterfly, Sunflower…

Here is a story of a girl who met a boy

Who gave her all the attention she never sought for.

Eventually, his flattery yielded her butterflies in the stomach;

She thought it would last but the same butterfly broke her heart.


He gave her butterfly she never asked,

A butterfly she thought would last;

Yet, as time goes by the story of the butterfly – she realized –

Is but an unending lie.


The butterfly boy flew away

Never wishing to return again;

The sunflower girl got her petals fall down like teardrops,

Sunny yellow drops that turned into gloomy black ones.


Days passed, months even, another year turned into a tragic past,

She saw the butterfly boy returned;

Still exactly the way he was when the sunflower girl met him;

Enticing, flattering, deceiving but somehow enjoying

A company of a new flower girl he found.


With sixteen petals and nine leaves, the new flower girl he found.