Selflessness = Rightfulness = Happiness

There is, indeed, great joy in being selfless and in doing so, one is also doing what is right even without the expense of being lonely. Recently, I found out that being selfless and doing what is right happens simultaneously.

In the homily of a particular mass I attended, the father was talking about fighting off devils in our lives (the gospel that day was from Mark 3: 22-30.) From here, he reminded everyone that this is not an easy battle yet encouraged, “Don’t ever get tired of doing what is right kahit ang katumbas nito ay kalungkutan habambuhay (even if it means you would lose your happiness for life).” In this way, we will be able to glorify and honor GOD and we will be stronger in fighting our demons.

When he said these words, I thought that doing what is right also coincides with being selfless, because while we do what is right we tend to lose ourselves and put others’ welfare before ours. We do not focus on what will benefit us but we think more of what can be more important for other people’s sake. As we become selfless we become more relaxed in the idea of not getting or doing what we want and it would be easier for us to be happy and contented with the small things we receive even if they are not what we hope for. And before we knew it, we are already enjoying doing the things we initially do not like to do and those we thought are a burden to us. Even if it is an instance such as spending so much time at work without getting paid, giving extra efforts when our workmates do not but we and they get the same pay or seeing a wallet containing a shimmering bill of five hundred bucks lying on the street while we’re broke but we decided to give it back to its owner, we realize how cool and wonderful it is to do something not for instant gratification, self-seeking glory or any hidden and impure agenda but because it is the right way to do it.

Eventually, we would acknowledge that one intangible fact that if we focus not on what we can get if we do the right thing but on the peaceful outcome it renders, it will pay off more than we imagine. Incidentally, we would soon recognize that when we stop comparing what we have with what other people have we will be more content and satisfied. We would realize that when we do things and think of them more as an act of service and less to get self-exaltation, we will be fulfilled and become more gracious, grateful and joyful.

In doing what is right, we tend to become selfless and vice versa. Hence, in doing both, we become less materialistic, more satisfied and most at peace. How can we not be happy if we are at peace knowing that we did what is right and what is selfless?




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