Favorite Moment When I Was a Kid # 1

When I was in grade something, I used to ride a jeep going to our school and, as most of the students are, I always liked to ride the shotgun – the seat beside the driver.

One morning, my mom gave me a two-piece KitKat. I love KitKat. It’s not my favorite chocolate but when you’re a kid and they gave you a chocolate you will really feel blessed – although I’m pretty sure that most kids at that age still wouldn’t know what ‘blessed’ means – and as a kid, a week seems a long time so I thought back then that I haven’t eaten KitKat in a long time.

Then, I rode a jeepney going to school and sat at my favorite spot. I didn’t know I forgot to bring my money with me until it was too late. I’m already near our school and it will take me another hour to go back to our house and back again to my school. I remembered I have my precious KitKat with me and I thought, I cannot just go down without paying and I don’t wanna risk fleeing. So, before I got off, I told the driver, “Sir would you mind if I pay you with my KitKat? I forgot my money and this is all I have.” Truth is, I was actually on the verge of crying because I haven’t eaten KitKat for a long time and I wanted to savor it during our recess.

The driver grinned at me and said, “Off you go and take your chocolate with you. You can pay me later.” He smiled as I said, thank you and sorry. It was a relief that he let me off – with my precious KitKat. My point is, when I was a kid, I vowed to myself to be honest, not because I’m a Christian and all that because the truth is I was not a religious kid, but because of the fact that honesty brings you peace. Honesty creates trust. It somehow forms the well-being of a person. Being honest made me feel like I don’t have to hide anything. It helped me out even in the small matters. I never even stole a single coin from my parents’ bag or pocket or wherever they put their money. I guess that’s the reason why I became a straightforward and honest b***h. But I don’t care.

In truth, the moment I decided to lie by hiding the truth, I became paranoid. It wasn’t a good feeling until I let it all out. And I told myself I will never do it again. Chances are when you are an honest person, people will hate you, mock you, despise you. But if you lie to them and they find out about it, they will still treat you the same way – in addition to self-deprivation of truth and peace.

I know most of you hate me now because of the truth that I spoke, the truth that clashes with what you know and what you see. However, if you were in my shoes and hear things spoken about a thing or a person the goodness that others think they see in that particular thing or person and it just doesn’t coincide with the truth that you saw, you would feel exactly the same way I did.

This is where close-mindedness comes in. Many of us only want to hear what they want to hear. As that happens, people tend to disregard the fault of their loved ones and bury it instead of helping that person to confess it and be renewed. I daresay, we cannot solve a problem just by setting it aside and let it steam without really doing anything at all to prevent the steam from spreading and cause more damage. We tend to give a person another chance without even helping that person to make good use of that chance. And that person – knowing that he is well-loved and well-pampered and he doesn’t need any disciplinary action – would tend to forget the fault that he or she had and along with it the lesson that he or she should’ve learned by then.

Somebody told me if a person commits a crime and one is a witness and that witness tends to shut his voice and pretends he didn’t see or notice anything is a criminal himself for hiding the truth. He himself is an accomplice of the criminal.

I may have made a mistake for letting a problem goes on for too long and I got knocked off my head really hard before realizing I should say what I need to say but eventually I spoke up. Ironically, when I did, people hated me. Sometimes, I would want to ask them, which part do you hate? Me, speaking the truth or the fact that your loved one committed the crime?


One thought on “Favorite Moment When I Was a Kid # 1

  1. Being honest is oftentimes difficult, and the truth is sometimes painful; but we have to act honestly and speak truthfully anyway.

    I miss you RJ! I hope we can talk and hangout soon!

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