Personal Life Thought 2017

It’s not really a big thing when the calendar changes to another year. However, somehow I felt like the changing of the year to 2017 has been truly symbolic for me. As far I can tell, last year is one of the worst years I’ve ever gone through. I felt like 2016 is a year-long sleep full of nightmares and sad dreams.

So, when the awful year came to an end I knew that 2017 will be a whole lot different. Actually, I even thought that I took a leap from 2015 to 2017 and last year never existed. I even have this notion that the past year is not connected to this present and to the coming future.

Now, I reckon that I’m starting over with what’s left of me – scratch – which is good. I still carry with me the lessons I learned from last year. Besides, I am not saying that I don’t treasure the good friends I met the past year. Of course, I do. After all, we can still get something good from our sleep no matter how bad our dreams are.

My 2017 theme is CHANGE. I personally expect a lot of transformations this year. The year-long sleep is over so, as cliché as it sounds, 2017 here I come!


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