We may have heard this a million times and some of us may already be losing confidence in those three words. Many of us may be thinking all is NOT really well, especially at the season of the year where ironically wars are happening everywhere; Typhoons, earthquakes and other disastrous calamities are overpowering mankind; and tyrant, cruel people are the rulers and reign. How could be there be such a Merry Christmas?

Clearly, we have forgotten what the praise truly mean – all is well as long as we believe, as long as we hope and as long as we trust GOD. Everything happens for a reason and God is always telling us to have faith in Him and trust His words. Darkness may have prevailed for a short period of time but if we think and act right, we’ll see that there’s a silver lining around, ready to shine and engulf the darkness.

Maybe it’s not only the problem of the world or the country you are involved in but you have your own as well. Challenges in everyday living often discourage us – people, traitors, financial crisis, broken love, family and friendship, frustrated career and miserable character and reputation are just a few of them but they’re big enough to destroy someone’s life. Additionally, we often think too much of them as problems without focusing much on their solutions. Then we act according to our short-term resolution without actually trying to establish a long-term one. And when we realize the wrong step we have taken, failure will gradually eat us and we let it, and it’s going to be all downhill from here. We let ourselves slide, we let our faith die.

But how could we welcome Christ our Saviour with sadness on our faces, wrath and anger in our minds and brokenness in our hearts? How can we be saved if the faith we were trying to build abruptly vanished in just a whip? Faith is never built with all joyfulness, good riddance and overwhelming successes. Faith is built by challenges, tragedies and failures. It shows when we smile, we sing and dance gracefully and we worship our Saviour’s glory amidst wreckages of life.

Always remember that in times of trials, in times where we face tough challenges, GOD has put us in that place because it will make us grow. It will make us a better person. During those times where we lost more than what we gain, he wants us to cherish more what is left. He wants us to know that we need it more than what was taken away because what was taken away has already served its purpose in your life. And at times where we need to sacrifice, God tests how much space in our life we can give up for Him to enter in. He wants to assess how far our love for Him can go.


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