True Possessions


On my way home, a high school girl rode the jeepney I am riding. She opened a pack of pretzel sticks that I like as well. I unconsciously watched her eat every stick lively and devoured each one of them.

Along the way, three impoverished children hitched themselves on the jeepney despite the mad driver’s refusal. In the end, he couldn’t do anything about the hard-headed rascals.

However, the girl with pretzels acted affectionately opposite of could be almost everyone inside the vehicle. She gave them her still an almost full pack of pretzels. I felt quite mad of her giving what she has devoured a while ago but then I felt guilty of feeling it. She just showed what a true child of God does.

When I had my prayer time later this evening, it’s about treasure – the kind that one can bring when the time comes he would be welcomed by our Father in His kingdom.

I was struck. All in all, it simply says, material things are just temporary. It all may seem worthy but it’s worthless. We still leave them when we face our judgment day. Our possessions today are useless when we go to our eternal life. What are best to bring are the things that we made to glorify our God and the time and resources that we spent and shared to do good? The things that we have given are the things that we could keep. They’re the true possessions God is wanting us to offer Him.

So, in the next days to come, I will do my best to share the blessings that the Lord has poured me. In every single day, I will give glory to His name. In every good deed I am doing I do them because I am also a true child of God. I will make treasures that will last eternally.

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